Beauty Editorial: „An Ode To Individuality“ by Leandro Ramos

Photographer Leandro Ramos (@Lramos79) and makeup artist Bruno Cardoso (@brnocardoso) captivate us with this online beauty editorial for Entre Nous. Model Carmen MinaFord Models Brasil (@carmen.minaa / @fordmodelsbrasil) -serves as the perfect canvas for Bruno, who creates colourful looks using brands like Shiseido and Nars. Retouching by RG Imagem (@rgimagem).

In the canvas of existence, amidst the dull grey backdrop of life’s monotonous grind, emerges the captivating elegance of a woman of rich heritage. Her visage, adorned with shades of bold and brilliant eyeshadows, becomes a vibrant testament to the symphony of colors that illuminate her soul, bringing vivid hues to the routine.

Here, in this visual narrative, more than mere aesthetics are experienced; we encounter a profound celebration of individuality. Each brushstroke becomes a stroke on the canvas of self-expression, telling stories of inner strength and unwavering self-confidence.

Radiant Elegance: Perfecting the Glow

To achieve this captivating beauty, essential products such as bronzing powder, moisturizer, mascara, and lip balm should be considered. Enhance your routine with high-quality products like the Laguna Bronzing Powder for a natural, sun-kissed glow and the Light Reflecting Moisturizer for a radiant complexion.

Give your lashes volume and definition with Climax Mascara, while the Afterglow Lip Balm in Orgasm by NARS imparts a subtle, radiant color to your lips.

For vibrant eye looks, explore richly pigmented eyeshadows that allow for bold and expressive creations. The gaze can be precisely defined with a long-lasting eyeliner that applies effortlessly and delivers intense color. Combine this with vivid eyeshadows like POP PowderGel Eye Shadow from Shiseido to create striking and creative looks.

This exclusive online editorial by Entre Nous was produced by:

Photography: Leandro Ramos (@Lramos79)
Makeup: Bruno Cardoso (@brnocardoso)
Model: Carmen Mina, Ford Models Brasil (@carmen.minaa / @fordmodelsbrasil)

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